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Excellent Mushroom Cultivation in Nasra

At Mkb Farming, our focus is on large scale farming, utilising modernised technology that ensures our farmers are meeting their agricultural needs. Based in Nasra, we invite you to take part in our vast food production network. We're proud to say we specialise in high yield crops and high quality farm animals. Mkb Farming understands the value of sustainability. If you have specific agribusiness needs, get in touch with us on +918637388332 for more details.

Care and Safety

As a precautionary service, we practise environmental safety for our neighbours, farmers, and the people that work for us. Our commitment to safeguarding every area of our operations is second to none, and our irrigation techniques are focused on conserving as much water as possible. Farming is an essential part of our culture, and we do our part to ensure it’s done in an intelligent way.


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